April 14, 2017

Check your Camp Location & Supervisors Here

Manchester- Manchester High School
Camp Supervisors: Peter Christie, Miss. Maureen Simpson, Marion Mills

Trelawny- Spicy Hill Community Centre
Camp Supervisor: Johnna-Lee Edwards 

St. James- Calvary Baptist Church Education Centre
Camp Supervisors: Noverlee Gayle, Langston Dawkins & Santana Morris

Hanover- Lucea United Church 
Camp Supervisor: Mrs. Hadajah Freebourne

Westmoreland- Jamaica Lifelong Learning Centre, Barracks Road
Camp Supervisor: Pamella Boothe

Clarendon- May Pen Primary School

Camp Supervisor: Mrs. Tamika Champagnie

St. Elizabeth- Middle Quarters Primary School.
Camp Supervisors: Mrs. Alecia Gonzales & Cheryl Gillins

St. Andrew- UWI (Chancellor Hall) 
Camp Supervisor: Kemoy Lindsay.

Kingston- Downtown (Parade Gardens Community Centre) 
Camp Supervisor: Denesha Bailey.

St. Catherine:
1. Spanish Town Primary School, 
Camp Supervisors: Tazmonica Beckford and Andre Henry

2. Greater Portmore Baptist Education Centre,
     Camp Supervisor: Dionne Sampson-Gaynor

3. Linstead Baptist Education Centre and Linstead Primary & Junior High
     Camp Supervisors: Dr. Cynthia Anderson & Mrs. Donnette Jackson

St. Mary- Beecham Hill Primary & Infant School, Oracabessa New Testament Church of God 
Camp Supervisors: Cyreta Henry and Shantell Henry

Portland- Buff Bay Primary School
Camp Supervisors: Miss Nordia Barrett and Mrs. Kayon Hutchinson-Moore

St. Thomas- Morant Bay Community College
Camp Supervisor: Tishuanna Mullings

St. Ann- (Browns Town Baptist Educational Centre) 
Camp Supervisors: Jade Cross.