Jamaica Intensive Reading Clinic Webinar, 2018

The Jamaica Intensive Reading Clinic will be hosting five (5) webinars on various literacy issues from September 16- November 4, 2018. Visit our website at www.jamaicaintensivereadingclinic.com to register now! *Limited seats available #InternationalLiteracyDay #Jamaicaintensivereadingclinic #Literacytraining #Literacydevelopment #Literacywebinarjamaica

Happy International Literacy Day, 2018

Today is being observed as International Literacy Day, guided by the theme: “Literacy and Skill Development.” In this technological age, literacy is much more than the ability to read and comprehend. It also has to do with computer awareness as well as knowledge of other gadgets and mastery of various social media platforms. It is an undisputed fact that literacy serves as a gateway to liberation from social and economic oppression. Looking back on our journey from slavery to the present time, one has to admit that we have made significant strides in this regard. While we still have a good way to go, we must be proud as a nation, that comparatively speaking, there has been much improvement i